“20,000 Pieces of tagged equipment”: Materials Management DB MS Access application

This post was originally published on Linkedin, December 2016.

Materials supply: at the right time, at the right place, to the right contractor. In essence, that is the goal of any Project/Process.

Generally, in projects, Materials Management team has to interact with several parties involved in this Materials supply process: Construction, Manufacturers, Warehouse, Logistics, Contractors, etc. The current article briefly describes a database application that I successfully developed for Materials Management.

Materials Management System

The short demo below (120 sec) shows the application I called “EqM4”, it was developed using MS Access. As an example, it shows how a Construction team member creates a CRO (“Construction Request Order”) for 2 Gas Sweetener Pumps: 100-XYZ-G-5902A and 100-XYZ-5902B plus their components, schedule ROS (“Required On Site”) date and assign them to their respective contractor.

As you could see in the demo, the application takes the user to the different applicable select/pick forms, generates an email/attachment and produces the CRO for Materials Team to process it accordingly.

The “ROS date” information collected by the Materials database and shared with the Completions Team could also serve well to trigger the generation of the Construction Checksheets in the Completions Database.

Sample of a CRO (Construction Request Order) automatically produced and transmitted via email:

A sample of a summary report:


As a ballpark figure, projects managing 20,000 of tagged Major Equipment plus their tagged components could benefit from a well developed and customized MS Access database; further considerations are worth to be deemed. Thanks for your feedback on my previous article about Turnover Package Dossier Administration. If you like the articles feel free to share or send me your comments, I’m in a continuous improvement.




Eric Ocampo is a Project Management Professional and Microsoft Access Certified Specialist with an Electronic Sciences Degree. He is a proactive Database Administrator/Developer that has worked in Construction, Oil & Gas projects in North and South America, and the Middle East since 2001. He has worked in Mechanical Completions as SCDBA of QEDI and WinPCs systems, and as a Database Developer, he has developed applications for Project Turnover, Completions, Materials, Preservation, Dossier reviews, Weld Tracking, Instrument loops, etc.

His early experience includes a role as MWD (Measure While Drilling) Operator with Anadrill Schlumberger.

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